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Drug testing in vitro breakthroughs and trends in cell culture technology

Uwe Marx; Volker Sandig

Weinheim : Wiley-VCH ; c2007

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  • Titolo:
    Drug testing in vitro breakthroughs and trends in cell culture technology
  • Altro autore: Uwe Marx; Volker Sandig
  • Editore: Weinheim : Wiley-VCH
  • Anno: c2007
  • Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (321 p.).
  • Descrizione: Drug Testing In Vitro; Foreword; Preface; Contents; List of Contributors; Part I Emerging In-Vitro Culture Technologies; 1 Intelligent Biomatrices and Engineered Tissue Constructs: In-Vitro Models for Drug Discovery and Toxicity Testing; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 Intelligent Biomaterials and Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering; 1.2.1 Synthetic Materials; 1.2.2 Natural Biomaterials; 1.3 Fabrication of Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering; 1.3.1 Electrospinning; 1.3.2 Controlled Lyophilization; 1.3.3 Acellularization; 1.4 Progress and Achievements in Liver Tissue Engineering; 1.4.1 The Liver
    1.4.2 Scaffolds for Liver Tissue Engineering1.4.3 Pharmaceutical Applications of Tissue-Engineered Liver Models; 1.4.4 Conclusions and Novel Trends in Liver Tissue Engineering; 1.5 Cardiac Tissue Engineering: Cells and Models; 1.5.1 Cardiac Tissue Engineering; 1.5.2 Cells used in Cardiac Tissue Engineering; 1.5.3 Culture Models of Cardiac Tissue-Engineered Constructs; 1.5.4 Specific Scaffolds Developed for Cardiac Tissue Engineering; 1.6 In-Vitro-Engineered Pulmonary Tissue Models: Progress and Challenges; 1.6.1 Lung Tissue Engineering: The Current State of Play
    1.6.2 Existing In-Vitro Pulmonary Cell and Tissue Culture Biological Models1.6.3 Potential of Alveolar Tissue Models as Disease Models in Pharmaceutical Sciences; 1.6.4 The Future: Toward Engineered 3D Alveolar Tissue for Cell Therapy and Pharmacological Models; 1.7 In-Vitro Models of the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB); 1.7.1 The BBB, a Neurovascular Physiological Unit: The Concept; 1.7.2 In-Vitro BBB Models: Cells and Devices; 1.7.3 BBB In-Vitro Models: From First to Third Generation; the Biological Approach; 1.7.4 Trends in Tissue Engineering: Realistic In-Vitro BBB Pharmacological Models
    1.7.5 Conclusions for BBB In-Vitro ModelsReferences; 2 An Overview on Bioreactor Design, Prototyping and Process Control for Reproducible Three-Dimensional Tissue Culture; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Important Aspects for Bioreactor Design; 2.3 Culture Systems and Bioreactors Used in Tissue Engineering; 2.4 The Operation of Bioreactors; 2.5 3D Systems Used for Drug Testing; 2.6 Modeling of Bioreactor Systems for Tissue Engineering; 2.7 The Artificial Immune System; 2.7.1 Matrices; 2.7.2 Microenvironment; 2.7.3 Monitoring; 2.8 Conclusions; References
    3 An Overview on Bioelectronic and Biosensoric Microstructures Supporting High-Content Screening in Cell Cultures3.1 The Potential of Drug Development and Demand on High-Content Screening Systems; 3.1.1 Post-Genomics or Proteomics: An Analysis of Manifold Systems and Functional Monitoring of Drugs; 3.1.2 Pharmaceutical Research and High-Technology Platforms in the Biohybrid Technology Field; 3.1.3 Synergy of Microchip Technology and Living Cells; 3.2 Microfabrication Techniques to Generate Miniaturized Chip Components
    3.3 Microelectrode-Based Techniques for Analyzing Cellular Parameters: Possible Use of Real-Time and HTS of Drugs Without Labeling
    Here, expert scientists from industry and academia share their knowledge on the assembly of functional human tissues in vitro and how to design drug screenings predictive of human exposure. In so doing, they combine the latest technological developments with strategic outlooks, such as novel cell and tissue systems for drug screening and testing, as well as emerging in vitro culture technologies. Equally importantly, the book does not shy away from regulatory acceptance and ethical issues.
  • Soggetti: Cell culture; Drugs -- Testing; Electronic books
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Identificativo: ISBN: 1-280-85440-5;ISBN: 9786610854400;ISBN: 3-527-60961-X;ISBN: 3-527-60956-3
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