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An obsession with knowing: why Germans love the news

McIlvaine, Heather

University of Southern California Digital Library (USC.DL) ; 2015

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  • Titolo:
    An obsession with knowing: why Germans love the news
  • Edizione: eng
  • Autore: McIlvaine, Heather
  • Editore: University of Southern California Digital Library (USC.DL)
  • Anno: 2015
  • Descrizione: In Germany, as in many other countries, digital publishing and distribution trends are disrupting the traditional business model of newspapers. Dwindling circulation, cuts to staff and the closure of papers indicate a crisis in the industry. But according to a recent Reuters report on news consumption in nine countries, Germany has one of the highest rates of interest in the news. And 85 percent of Germans still get the news in some form every day. There is a strong tradition of news consumption in the country, a ""cultural parachute,"" which some predict will protect the transitioning news industry from full‐on free fall. Indeed, Germans’ preoccupation with the news can be traced throughout history, from the world’s first printed newspaper in the then German‐speaking city of Strasbourg, to the transformation of the country’s news media after World War II. But whether this cultural trait will prevail over external forces of change in the industry is not as easy to determine....
  • Soggetti: Specialized Journalism ; Germany ; News ; Newspapers ; German Culture ; Digital Publishing ; Digital Media
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Identificativo: DOI: 10.25549/USCTHESES-C3-409485
  • Fonte: DataCite

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