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Participatory public culture and youth citizenship in the digital age: the Medellín model

Brough, Melissa

University of Southern California Digital Library (USC.DL) ; 2016

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  • Titolo:
    Participatory public culture and youth citizenship in the digital age: the Medellín model
  • Edizione: eng
  • Autore: Brough, Melissa
  • Editore: University of Southern California Digital Library (USC.DL)
  • Anno: 2016
  • Descrizione: A growing body of research suggests that we are witnessing new forms of youth civic engagement and public participation, invigorated by digital technologies, practices and cultures. In communication studies, ""participation"" has primarily been theorized in the separate, and so far largely disconnected, subfields of participatory communication and participatory culture. Few scholars have bridged these fields, and while both take civic and political engagement as a central concern, both have fallen short of theorizing how participation in public life traverses the areas of communication, culture, and politics. This study investigates participation across these three areas to develop a model for analyzing participatory public culture and youth engagement in the digital era. The model is based on the findings of several case studies in Medellín, Colombia, developed through a multi‐level, ethnographic approach. The findings suggest that participatory public cultures are cultivated through both institutional strategies and grassroots tactics for participation. The study also finds that efforts to use digital communication technologies to enhance youth engagement are less technologically deterministic and more effective when they are linked to dialogical communicative practices; to cultures that promote the expression of citizen voices; and to political or other structures that connect the expression of voice to...
  • Soggetti: Communication ; Civic Engagement ; Digital Media ; Youth ; Participatory Communication ; Participatory Culture ; Participatory Politics
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Identificativo: DOI: 10.25549/USCTHESES-C3-384127
  • Fonte: DataCite

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